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English and Creative Writing: Referencing

This is the MAIN guide for English and Creative Writing students. START YOUR RESEARCH HERE.

MLA referencing: publications

The MLA publishes two authoritative explanations of MLA style: we have copies of both titles in the library.


Bibliographic software for postgraduate students

MLA referencing

English students are expected to read widely in their subject area, and to use this reading in their assignments and essays. When you do this, you must acknowledge all the sources you use in a process called ‘referencing’. The English discipline requires you to use the MLA Referencing system.

You need to add these references in the body of your work (as in-text citations) and in the 'Works cited' list at the end of your essay.

Works Cited list (Example)

Belsey, Catherine. Shakespeare in Theory and Practice. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP, 2010. Print.

Klinger, Barbara. ‘The Road to Dystopia: Landscaping the Nation in Easy Rider.’ The Road Movie Book. Ed. Steven Cohen and Ina Rae Hark. London: Routledge, 1997. 179-203. Print.

No Country for Old Men. Dir. Joel and Ethan Coen. Paramount, 2007. Film.

Mulvey, Laura. ‘Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema’. Screen 16.3 (1975): 6-18. Web. 23 May 2001.

Gonzalez, Paul. ‘The Original Counterculture Flick, Easy Rider, Returns.’ The Tech 115.25 (1995): 7. Web. 17 May 2001.

Citation Converter (University of Adelaide Library)

The Library Search engine has a new automatic citation convertor (MLA 7th edition). From the Details screen of the book or article that you have found, click on Actions and select the Citation option. 

Then select MLA 7th ed and submit. Copy and paste the citation into your Works Cited list - check it carefully, it may need a couple of minor adjustments to be exactly right.

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