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Library Services for Year 11/12 Students: Borrowing by Year 11/12s

This guide provides information for access to the University Library by year 11 and 12 school students.


Schools are asked to contact Janette Gerhardy to arrange for groups of students to visit and learn about the Library and its services, and to register for borrowing. These sessions will be offered from March each year.

N.B. Borrowing is optional

Please allow about 1 hour for the orientation session, Library tour and to collect their Library Cards.

How many? and for how long?

Once registered, Year 11 &12 students will be able to borrow from the Library collection including other campus libraries, but there may be special conditions applying to some parts of the collection - e.g. you may not borrow journals, some reference items, or other materials with "in library use only". Branch libraries may also have local restrictions.

  • Students may have a maximum of 20 books on loan at one time.
  • The standard loan period is 4 weeks with 4 automatic renewals (20 weeks) - subject to recall. (That is, if an item on loan to you becomes high use or is requested by another user, your loan period will be reduced to one week and you will be notified by email through your teacher.)
  • Loan periods are strictly enforcedBooks must be returned on time to avoid penalties.

Students may check their library loans through My Library. Login using the library barcode as the username and surname/family name as the password.

Registration for borrowing

Registration for borrowing needs to be organised through the school and will usually take place in groups, when teachers and students come for their introduction to the Library session.
N.B. Individual walk-in registrations are not possible.

Strict rules apply to borrowing and returning books. Schools will be expected to indemnify their borrowers for the replacement costs for any lost or damaged items.

Cost (no costs)

Registration is free for students in year 11 & 12