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Theses: Australian Theses

A guide to finding Australian and international theses

Australian Theses

Theses from other Australian universities are generally no longer purchased by University of Adelaide Library. Theses are being digitised by most universites and are becoming readily available.

If there is no digitised version available, an Inter Library Loan may be possible. Please submit an ILL Request via Library Search.

Inter Library Loans staff can also assist you to purchase theses, whether using your own or University funds.

To request that a thesis be purchased for the Library see your Research or Branch Librarian.

Search for theses

Search for Australian theses on Trove (National Library of Australia). Trove includes holdings from all Australian university libraries.

Many theses are freely available online from this service. Use the search box below. Simply use keywords, making sure thesis is one of them.

Print indexes to Australian theses

To discover early Australian theses, print indexes may be required as some may not be listed on Trove, the National Library of Australia's database. See catalogue links at: