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EndNote: Styles

Using EndNote to manage your bibliographic information.

Nursing students

Nursing students may be expected to use the Harvard Nursing style.

Information on this style and how to download it can be found in "EndNote Resources" on the School of Nursing website:


Hints and tips

N.B. The APA 6th UofA and Harvard UofA require that authors with the same family name/surname must include the initials in the in-text citation to differentiate them. Make sure that you have been consistent in entering author names into your EN library - E Smith and E J Smith may be the same author but EN treats them as different authors so will add the initials in the in-text citation.

How to fix this:

  1. Check your Authors in the Term Lists - keep only one version of the author's name - then sort your EN library by Author and check that all authors with the same surname have their first names or initials entered consistently - re-enter these as needed (they should appear in red)


2. Edit the style so that Surnames/Family names only appear in the in-text citations - See tutorial at University of Central Queensland.


3. Download the styles provided here APA 6th UofA Surname_only or  Harvard UofA (Style Manual Australia 6edn)Surname_only

Referencing Styles

The Writing Centre at the University of Adelaide has produced Referencing Guides for some of the commonly used referencing systems.

The Examples Documents below each contain an EN library which shows how the references in the Harvard Referencing Guide, the APA Referencing Guide, and the Vancouver Referencing Guide should be added to an EN library to produce the correct output citations as per the relevant Guide produced by the Writing Centre.

Journals/publications have their own individual referencing styles and if submitting an article to a journal for publication you will need to conform to that journal's style. Information is usually provided on the journal's website under Instructions to Authors.

EndNote ships with thousands of styles - you can select them individually to add to your favourites by using Select Another Style in the Style dropdown box. You can also select multiple styles to add to your favourites from the Style Manager found in Edit - Output Styles - Open Style Manager.

The styles found in EndNote for Harvard UofA, APA 6th UofA and Vancouver UofA have been adapted to conform to the Referencing Guides produced by the Writing Centre. These styles should be available for you to use within EN - however you can also download them from here if they are not included with your version of EN.

 The University of Adelaide Library also provides a guide to information and links to print and online resources on referencing styles.