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EndNote: Managing References

Using EndNote to manage your bibliographic information.

Hints and tips

References in the Trash will stay there until you actively delete them from the Trash. You can recover items from the Trash and restore them to your EN library. These options can be found under References on the menu once you have selected the relevant references in the trash.

Record Summary under References on the menu displays information about individual references - e.g. date the reference was created, no. of fields used and which groups the reference has been added to.

PDFs  - the pdf window can be used to view a pdf document attached to a reference, you can highlight text in the document and add your own bubble notes. You can also print and email pdfs from here.

Managing your Library References

To edit an individual EndNote reference double click on it to open it and make the necessary changes. Close the window to save changes. You can also make changes to a reference by highlighting the reference and then using the Reference tab to make changes - you can now select another reference from your library to edit.

Deleting references - use the delete key on your keyboard or select the reference in your library - go to References on the menu and select Move references to trash.

Use the Research Notes field for your own notes - this field is kept free of any downloaded data and will be blank except for anything you add manually.

Use the Hide Empty Fields/Show Empty Fields option at the top right of individual references to hide/show any empty fields.