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EndNote: FAQs

Using EndNote to manage your bibliographic information.

Hints and tips

Avoid common problems:

  • Keep all your references in a single EndNote library - use Groups to manage your references
  • Make a back up copy of your EN library - see Backing Up in this guide
  • Do not delete from your EN library any reference that appears in your Word document
  • Always check your imported references - do not assume that data will always import correctly
  • Get your EN library correct, edit your style, and everything else will work correctly
  • Check "instructions to authors" in journal publications or the referencing guides for styles and alter the style templates to suit


EndNote Forums

Join the Thomson Reuters Community Forum for EndNote - you can sign in to this website to post questions/comments and join in the conversation.

EndNote List Archive at Adept Scientific
Until Spring 2008 the EndNote-Interest Mailing List was maintained by Thomson Reuters (formerly ISI ResearchSoft) for the purpose of providing users of EndNote bibliographic reference management software with a place to interact with other users. In 2008 Thomson Reuters launched the EndNote User Forum to replace the Discussion List.

Adept Scientific has archived and indexed all postings to the list since May 2000 and will continue to archive the new User Forum. To join the EndNote mailing list please follow the instructions on the Thomson Reuters site


The EndNote website has a good list of FAQs -

Here are some common ones:

Q. I am upgrading to a later/newer version of EndNote. What do I need to do?

A. Libraries created using EN 8 or later are backwards and forwards compatible. If you have EN 8 or later and you want to upgrade to a later/newer version - you will need to save your library and save any customised files, e.g. output styles, import filters, connection files, etc. Then uninstall the previous version of EN and install the new version. Your library will be opened with the new version of EndNote. You can now add the customised styles into your EN program. Alternately you can save your customised files into My Documents - EndNote - Styles/Filters/Connection Files (individual folders). Either way you will be able to use these files from within EN. See section in this guide on Styles - Importing/saving styles

If your library was created using EN 7 or an earlier version - this library will need to be converted when you upgrade to a later version of EN. See EN Install FAQs 17 - Compatibility, Installing, Uninstalling and Upgrading.

Q. An institutional author's name such as University of Adelaide appears as Adelaide, U.O. in the bibliography

A. Authors must be entered on separate lines. Corporate or Institutional authors  of more than one word must be entered with a comma (,) at the end e.g. University of Adelaide,

Q. How is a paper prepared for sending to a publisher?

A. See section in this guide on how to Remove Field Codes

Q. I use an output style like MLA that requires that if a URL is part of a reference in the Bibliography, it needs to be enclosed in angle brackets < >. When I format my document I get an error message - <Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.. in place of the URL.

A. You need to turn off the Word feature that automatically turns URLs into hyperlinks. In Word 2007 and later this feature is found in WORD OPTIONS > PROOFING > AUTOCORRECT OPTIONS> INTERNET AND NETWORK PATHS WITH HYPERLINKS.. This feature needs to be turned off by deselecting this option.

Q. Is it possible to produce a bibliography which is not attached to an article or essay?

A. See section in this guide on producing Independent Bibliographies

Q. Initials appear for some but not all authors in citations in styles such as APA and Harvard

A. Initials may appear because you have not been consistent when entering author names so EN assumes that they are different authors and will apply the rule for this. You can either make your author names consistent - see Term Lists in this guide, or alter your Style - See University of Central Queensland tutorial for how to do this.

Q. The journal names don't appear correctly in my bibliography

A. See section in this guide on Term Lists and Journal Names

Q. I can't connect to a database through EndNote.

A. You do not have direct access to this database so cannot connect through EndNote. Search the database and export or import your references into your EN library

Q. Why can't I save a copy of my EN library?

A. This may be related to a corrupt pdf file in your .data folder - try saving your EN library as a compressed library without the attachments or move the pdf file out of the .data folder. Retry to save it - if this is successful you need to find and remove the offending pdf file/s that is attached to your reference/s