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EndNote: Direct Export from Databases (incl. Aurora)

Using EndNote to manage your bibliographic information.

Importing References from Databases

Bibliographic records from most journal databases are easily imported into your EndNote library. You can search and select references to be transferred into your EndNote library.

Each database is different, but the basic principles are the same:

  1. Enter the database by the usual method for your organization and conduct a search.
  2. Select or Mark relevant items, and if necessary add to a marked list or folder.
  3. Select the output option to Export to EndNote and then click Save or Export. You might also have the option to select fields to export or output format. Always go for the full record option.
  4. Your references should go straight into your currently open library without any further prompting.  This can vary according to browser and Mac/PC. You might need to click on Open to continue, or if it asks you to select which software you wish to use to open it, navigate to the EndNote program to Open with (and check the box to do this automatically…). If prompted to Select a Library, look in the folder or drive that contains your EndNote library. NB If your library is already open and it is asking this, it might be because you have an unsaved reference still open in your library. Go back to your library and click out of or close a reference, then try again.
  5. The newly imported references will appear in the Imported References group. Click All References to return all references to view.

Most databases have a direct export function to EndNote or you may have to use a filter to import a text file.

This will depend on the database you are using, the database provider e.g. EBSCO, and the browser you are using e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome (Safari is NOT recommended for use with EndNote). The starting point is always in the native databases, which can be accessed from the Library Home Page.

Step by step Instructions for many (though not all) of the library's databases are provided in the document link above.

Export references to/from Aurora

Q. How do I export references from my EndNote library into Aurora?

A. 1) In your EndNote library, highlight all the references you want to export.

    2) In the Output Style window, select RefMan (RIS) Export from the dropdown menu. You may need to click "Select Another Style..." first, and search the options given.

    3) From the menu at the top of the screen, select File --> Export.

    4) Save the file to a place of your choosing (anywhere is okay, as long as you can find it again). Make sure that for Output Style (underneath Save As Type), you have selected "RefMan (RIS) Export".

    5) Log in to your Aurora account.

    6) Under Publications, choose Import.

    7) Browse for your .txt file.

    8) Select the Reference Manager/EndNote radio button.

    9) Click the Upload button.

Q. How do I do this in reverse - i.e., how do I export from Aurora into an EndNote library?

A. To import data from Aurora into EndNote:

     1) Open the appropriate library, or create a new library to hold your publications.

      2) From the main menu, choose file/import.

      3) In the "Import Options" field, browse to find the correct RIS formatted text file on your computer, choose ‘Reference Manager   (RIS)’ from the list of import options, and choose what you wish to do with duplicate entries that may already be in your library.
The best option is usually to import them into a separate ‘Duplicates Library’, where you can inspect them and identify problems after importing.

      4) Click on ‘Import’ when you have selected the appropriate options and the publications will be inserted into your library.

Importing from Library Search

(For use with Firefox browser - see PDF link at the top of this page for other browser instructions)

  • Run your search and mark the references at search results - click on the * next to each record to add to e-Shelf
  • Click on e-Shelf at top of search screen to see saved search results
  • Select the ones you want to export to EN
  • In the Select how to save box - from the dropdown menu choose Push to EndNote Client - click Go
  • At the Import to Citation Manager window click OK
  • At the next window – click open with button then select EndNote from the dropdown menu. Click OK

References will be exported to an open EN library

You may be asked to select an import filter. Select the RefMan (RIS) filter from the dialog box.

Check and edit your references as necessary.

Note on Importing from PubMed

To download large numbers of references (over 200) from PubMed using Firefox browser:

1. Run your search
2. Choose Send to > File
3. For format, select Medline > Create File
4. At prompt, click the radio button for Open with
5. Click the Browse button, select EndNote fron the list of options, and download.

Direct export from Web of Science

Import text files from PubMed (Mac)

Import text files from PubMed (Windows)