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EndNote: Getting started

Using EndNote to manage your bibliographic information.

Starting an EndNote library

Once you have installed EndNote it will be in your startup menu and can be opened from there - click on the EndNote icon.

Create a new library         

  1. Open the EndNote program.
  2. When you first open the EndNote program, you might be given the option of creating an EndNote Web account and linking it to your library. You can skip this and come back to it later via Edit—Preferences – Sync.
  3. From the Getting Started window, click Create a new library, or if your computer has gone past that stage, go to File and select New.
  4. Select a location to Save in (e.g. My Documents). NB Do not put it in a cloud drive such as Dropbox or on a flash drive – these are OK to use for backups, but not working libraries.
  5. Give your library a unique name (i.e. not My EndNote Library) and Save the library.

To change the layout of your EN library use the dropdown options in Layout at the bottom RHS of your library - the default display for the Reference Panel is - Right but you may want to change it to Bottom - Split.




Getting started: Windows

Getting started: Mac