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EndNote: Sorting your Library

Using EndNote to manage your bibliographic information.

Hints and tips

 Do a quick sort of your EN library by clicking in your field headings or use the Sort Library option under Tools from the menu. 

Sorting your Library References

Quick sorting

Sort your library references quickly by clicking on any of the displayed field headings to sort by ascending or descending order.

Changing the sort order

For a more complex sort order use the Sort Library command found under - Tools - Sort Library

The Sort Library command provides a way to arrange all references showing in the Library window for browsing, exporting, printing, or copying.

  1. Click in the reference list.

  2. From the Tools menu, choose Sort Library.

  3. Select one or more field names from the lists in the dialog boxes. Enter the field names in the order you want the references sorted. (You do not have to use all five options.)

  4. Click the button to the right of each field to indicate ascending or descending order.

  5. With the field names entered as desired, click OK.