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EndNote: Searching your Library

Using EndNote to manage your bibliographic information.

Hints and tips

N.B. The Search box only searches within references in your own EN library.

  • Search within any field in your EN library references or within the pdf
  • Use the asterisk (*) wildcard before or after your search terms to expand your results.
  • Use the plus or minus buttons to the right of each search line to insert or delete a line.
  • Use the Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT to indicate how the search lines are to be combined.
  • If you frequently use the same search strategies on the Search tab, you can use the Options button to save these searches and later load them when you need them.

Searching your Library

Quick searching

Search your EN library for any word using the Quick search option. This will search for any word or phrase from any field in your EN library or within the pdfs.


Search Panel

Use the Search Panel for a more specific or complex search of your library references. You can search your whole EN library or only within the displayed references. The Search Panel can be hidden or displayed.

A search line includes the Field to be searched, the Comparison operator, and a blank field where you enter your search terms. The Field list allows you to restrict your search to a particular field such as Author, Year, or Keywords - or all fields. By default, the Field lists are set to search Author, then Year, then Title.

You can also restrict your search  to PDF files attached to a reference by selecting the PDF option from the field list.  The Any Field + PDF with Notes option allows you to search any field in a reference and within all PDF files in the selected group that you are searching.