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EndNote: File Attachments

Using EndNote to manage your bibliographic information.

Hints and tips

You can attach more than 1 file to any of the references (attach file) but you can only attach 1 figure to each reference (attach figure).

When manually attaching a file - you need to have a saved copy of that file to be able to attach it.

When selecting a file to attach manually to the EndNote reference note the check box along the bottom titled, "Copy this file to the default file attachments folder and create a relative link." This gives you the option to:

  • Tick (select) the check box to copy the original file and place a copy in the .data folder that is part of your EndNote library (default).

  • Untick (deselect) the check box to create a link to the original folder where the file is stored.

Find full text pdfs

EndNote's find full text feature will search the Internet, download and attach full-text pdfs to selected references. You can optimise this feature by setting preferences specific to your organisation in the Find Full Text section of the preferences - see information under Setting EN Library Preferences.

Select the references in your EN library that you want to attach pdfs to (make sure they are highlighted) - from the top menu select References - Find Full Text - Find Full Text. If you are working off campus you may be asked to authenticate - use your University of Adelaide login.

You can also use the shortcut icon on the menu bar to do this.

You may not be successful in finding pdfs for all your journal articles - the results are displayed in the left panel of the EN library

The references with found pdfs will have a paper clip symbol displayed next to those references in your EN library.

Manually attach files

You can also manually attach a file to a reference in the EN library.

Select a reference in the EN library - from the top menu click on References - File Attachments - Attach File. You can attach a pdf or any other file type including Word doc, Excel spreadsheet, etc.

The file icon  and name of the file will appear in the EN library reference in the File Attachments field. These files are stored with your EN library in the .data file that forms part of your EN library - see video on the importance of the .data file

Note: Use the Figure field to attach a graphic picture or file that you want to insert individually into a Word document using Cite While You Write.

Rename PDFs option allows you to rename PDFs already attached to your references.
See also the section on PDF Handling under Managing References in this guide.

Importance of the .data folder