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EndNote: Editing/Customising Styles

Using EndNote to manage your bibliographic information.

Hints and tips

Editing/Customising Styles

The style template for each individual style works with the data entered in the fields in the references in the EndNote library to produce a citation in the correctly formatted style. Sometimes the formatted citation does not appear correctly or you are unsure into which field/s to enter the data in the EN library - check the Example libraries in the Examples Documents under Styles in this guide.

The style template can be accessed from the EN library in Edit - Output Styles - Open Style Manager then select the style you want to edit and click on Edit OR from the same menu in the EN library in Edit - Output Styles - Edit name of selected style.
This will take you to the template editing window for this style.

Most of the data which produces the style can be changed/customised here. In Bibliography - Templates you can check which fields have been used from the different reference types. You will note that some styles are only set up for a limited number of reference types. This can be customised/changed by adding another Reference Type and then inserting the fields to be used from the EN library or you can change the particulars of the data e.g. italic or bold font, superscript, single or double quotation marks, etc.

N.B. there are various special characters that are used when working with styles. For more information see the guide from Curtin University or refer to Help in your EN library - look under Contents - Bibliographic Styles.