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EndNote: Cite While You Write Using EN Online

Using EndNote to manage your bibliographic information.

Hints and tips

 When you select the EndNote Online option in your Word document - the menu options  in the ribbon will change.

Select another style: In your document you can only choose another style from your list of favourites - to add to your list do this in your EN Online library

Editing citations: use the Edit Citation option to change your in-text citations such as adding page nos. or exclucing authors or year

N.B. Harvard UofA style will not be available in EN Online - the closest style available to you is Harvard(Qld).

Cite While You Write with EndNote Online

You can use Cite While You Write in a Word document to insert references from your EN Web library - this option should be available in Word when you install the EN program.

You can select this in your Word document under Preferences - Application - use the drop down menu to select EndNote Online instead of EndNote.  


Select another style:

You will only be able to choose another style from your list of favourites - adding more styles to your list of favourites needs to be done in the EN Online library - see screen shot below

Adding more styles to your list of favourites:

EN Online: Cite While You Write

EN Online: CWYW Format Bibliography