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Digital Resources Management Centre (DRMC): Copyright

The Digital Resources Management Centre (DRMC) provides a centralised service for the processing and management of copyright materials that are required for teaching purposes by staff members of the University of Adelaide.


The copying or reproduction (both from hardcopy and digital) and electronic communication of copyright materials is subject to the Copyright Act. The Copyright Act grants universities a licence which enables staff to copy and communicate literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works for educational purposes.

The Educational Statutory Licence can only be relied on if the following criteria are met:

  • the copying is undertaken for students of the University of Adelaide
  • the material copied is for teaching purposes (for example, it cannot be for a sporting club)
  • the copying is within the limits set by the Act

These limits can be summarised as one chapter or 10% of a book, and one article from a journal issue.

In the digital environment there are some further requirements:

  • that the material placed online must be password protected and not available to the public
  • a warning notice is placed immediately preceding, or on, the copyright material

The DRMC plays a key role in compliance by checking that the digitisation of materials is within the limits set by the Act and placing the warning notice on the digitised version. However it is still your responsibility to comply with the other requirements.

If you want more information about copying and communication of radio and TV broadcasts see Educational Statutory Licences.

If you want more information about using music in your teaching then see Music Licence.

For more information visit the University's Copyright Information page, or contact the Copyright Coordinator, Anne Hawkins.

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