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Digital Resources Management Centre (DRMC): FAQ

The Digital Resources Management Centre (DRMC) provides a centralised service for the processing and management of copyright materials that are required for teaching purposes by staff members of the University of Adelaide.


Q. If the readings are freely available via an external web page do I need to send these to DRMC?

A. No. You can add these links to the course in MyUni yourself or supply them to your students via email or in a course handbook.  However you should check that you are complying with the guidelines regarding hyperlinks to a third party website (see

Q. If I want to use the same readings for the next semester or the next year how do I easily get all the readings rolled over?

A. When you rollover your course in MyUni the links to the readings will also be rolled over. Then send an email to DRMC along the lines of

“Please roll over all readings previously used in course Logic : 3620_LOG_4056 to this semester’s course Logic : 3720_LOG_4056” 

We then roll over the activations all at once and the items in the MyUni course will be accessible for the new cohort of students. This saves having to insert each reading manually.

Q. If I have rolled the course over why do I need to let DRMC know at all? Can’t the readings just be left active all the time?

A. Our reporting requirements mean that we can’t simply leave the readings active for extended periods as the activation needs to be related to a specific course and time period and we need to be able to report on this specifically.

Q. I have lots of readings for my course and I don’t want to have to search for each one individually and then add to the MyUni course. Is there a way I can add them all at once?

A. Yes. Request a Readings: Online Content list and DRMC will produce a single pdf which contains all readings each of which has an active link. You then need only add one object to the MyUni course to provide the full list of readings to your students.

Q. Can I add an e-journal article link directly to MyUni if available via Library Search?

A. Yes, you may add a link to an e-journal directly to your MyUni course page. When doing so you will need to use the following prefix which will allow authenticated users to access the full text when off campus -

For example


Q. Can I add the pdf of an e-journal article directly to MyUni if I have already downloaded it?

A. It is safest to provide a link to the e-journal article rather than downloading the pdf and adding it to MyUni.  The reason is that this material is being used under license and each provider will allow a different range of uses of material. If you particularly want to have a pdf file instead of a link, then send a request to DRMC so that library staff can check if the license allows this type of use.

Q. How much of a copyright work can I request from DRMC?

A. 10% OR one chapter of a book whichever is greater.  More can be copied if the work has never been published or is out of print and not commercially available within a reasonable time.  One whole article from a journal issue or two or more articles from the same issue may be requested if they are on the same subject. In all cases you must submit your request through DRMC.

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