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Ebooks Help: EBSCO eBooks

Using EBSCO eBooks


  • You can read EBSCO eBooks online by selecting a chapter or section heading, or by clicking the "eBook Full Text" icon on the left-hand menu.

  • This will open the ebook in the Full Text viewer.
  • From here you can click on the arrows at the bottom of each page to go forward or back, or enter a page number in the field provided and click "Go".
  • You can also adjust the size of the page and the print by using the toolbar at the bottom left of the page.


  • You can search the EBSCO eBooks platform from the search box at the top of the page.
  • To search within an ebook, click on the "search within" icon from the right-hand menu in the full text view.

Downloading and printing:

  • Up to 60 pages of a book can be downloaded or printed per user as a PDF file from within the eBook Full Text viewer.
    Note: The number of pages may vary depending on individual publisher-specified limits.
  • Open the ebook in the Full Text viewer (as described above in Reading).
  • Go to the first page of the section of pages you would like to print and click the Print icon in the right column.
  • The Print PDF menu is displayed.

  • Select to print:
    Current Page: Print only the page you are viewing.
    Current Page and the next XX pages: Enter the number of pages (up to 60) in the field provided.
    This Section: Select to print the entire section of the ebook (if available to select).
    Print PDF: To send the selected pages to your printer.
    Send as an E-mail: To e-mail the selected pages as a PDF file to yourself.

Highlighting, annotating, etc.:

  • The icon menu at the right hand side of the screen in Full Text viewer allows you to bookmark and annotate an ebook. You can save chapters, etc., with your annotations by creating your own account with EBSCO. Click "Sign in", then "Create a new Account." (This is SEPARATE from your student ID - it can be anything you like.)


Features at a glance

Ebook function Yes/No/Explanantion

Read online?


Specialised reader software required?


 Read offline?

 Yes (see Downloading)

 iPad compatible?



 Yes (up to 60 pages at a time)


 Yes (up to 60 pages at a time)

Personal account?

 Yes (not necessary for functionality)

Highlighting, saving text etc?


Online help pages?

EBSCO ebooks support