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Ebooks Help: World Scientific

Using World Scientific

World Scientific publishes in the areas of humanities and business studies as well as the sciences.


  • When you first open the link from Library Search, you will see a summary of the book and a sample chapter ("About this Book" tab). Click the "E-Book" tab to see a full list of chapters with abstracts and PDF links.
  • Click on PDF link to read any chapter online.


  • You can search the entire platform or within the ebook from the Search box at the top right of the page, using the drop-down options.

  • For searching within the ebook: your search will return a list of chapters containing your search term. Click the PDF link to open, then use Ctrl + F (i.e. hold down the Control key, click F, then type in your search term again) to see the search term highlighted within the PDF.

Downloading and printing:

  • You can save PDFs as desired. These can also be printed out.

Highlighting, annotating, etc.

  • This can be done using the "Comment" toolbar on your saved PDFs.

Features at a glance

Ebook function Yes/No/Explanantion

Read online?


Specialised reader software required?


 Read offline?

 Yes (see Downloading)

 iPad compatible?



 Yes (by chapter, as PDF)


 Yes (from PDF)

Personal account?

 Yes (not necessary for functionality)

HIghlighting, saving text etc?

 Yes (on PDF)

Online help pages?

 World Scientific help pages