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Ebooks Help: ACLS Humanities eBooks

Using ACLS Humanities eBook

ACLS Humanities eBook is an online collection of over 4000  high quality in the humanities.
These titles are offered by the ACLS in collaboration with twenty-five learned societies, over 100 contributing publishers, and the MPublishing Division of the University of Michigan Library.


  • Click on the Contents link, then on your desired chapter heading.
    This will open up the ebook as an image for viewing, which you can then navigate via the "Previous" and "Next" arrows, or by entering a page number.
  • You can also increase and decrease the page size as desired.


  • Full text searching of the ACLS Humanities eBook collection is possible from the search button at the top of the page. However, you cannot search directly within the book you are reading.

Downloading and printing:

  • Click on PDF to download your current page and the following two. (Three pages is the limit allowed on this platform in one session.) Once saved, this PDF can be printed as desired.

Highlighting, annotating, etc:

  •  This is not possible while reading online, but can be done using the "Comment" toolbar on your saved PDFs. 

Features at a glance

Ebook function Yes/No/Explanantion

Read online?


Specialised reader software required?


 Read offline?

 Yes (see Downloading)

 iPad compatible?



3 pages at a time (as PDF) - can keep permanently


3 pages at a time

Personal account?


Highlighting, saving text etc?

Yes, on pages saved as PDF

Online help pages?

ACLS Humanities eBook FAQ