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Ebooks Help: Cambridge Core

Using Cambridge Core

The library now provides access to more than 2000 Cambridge Books Online across all subject areas from algebra to zooarchaeology.


  • To read online, open the Table of Contents and click on Read PDF (clicking on the chapter title will only get a short extract).
  • NOTE: most Cambridge ebooks are multiple user, but some have restricted access, meaning that a limited number of people can use them at one time. If you see a message saying "Maximum user capacity for this title reached", you will need to try again later, to see if one of the users has finished his or her session.


  • The search box at the top of the page allows searching across the platform.
  • You can also search within the ebook (tick the "Search in this book" option). This retrieves a list of chapters containing the search term. You can then click Read PDF, which will show the chapter with the search term highlighted.

Downloading and printing:

  • PDFs can be printed out directly. You can choose to print the complete PDF, or use printer options to print a smaller section.
  • PDFs can be saved by chapter to your computer, then printed out any time.

Highlighting, annotating, etc.:

  • This can be done using the "Comment" toolbar on your saved PDFs.

Features at a glance

Ebook function Yes/No/Explanantion

Read online?


Specialised reader software required?


 Read offline?

 Yes (see Downloading)

 iPad compatible?



 Yes (as PDF, by chapter)


 Yes (by chapter)

Personal account?

 Yes (gives access to features such as citation alerts)

Highlighting, saving text etc?

 Yes (on saved PDF)