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Map Collection: Store collection

Includes donated collections from the Geography and Geology Departments

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Search tips

Use Library Search to find these and limit your search to maps

Search by country e.g. Norway
The search can be widened to include another country or region e.g.:
Norway OR Sweden
Search by author (if you know the name of the cartographer or organisation) e.g.:
James M Darley

Please note that your search may reveal maps held at locations other than the URSSA (Joint Store). For example, the library owns a modest collection of subject-related maps (such as historical maps), which are held in the Special Collections map cabinet. Enquiries about access to these maps should be directed to Special Collections staff.

How can I request maps from this collection?

The Store collection contains many of the maps originally held in the Geology and Geography Departments.Many sheet maps are stored in the URSSA (Joint Store) facility, which is physically located at Flinders University. There are also a number of Geology maps held in storage in the Barr Smith Library.

How can the maps be accessed?

Maps in the Store collection are available for borrowing by staff and students of the University of Adelaide. Other Library users can recall the maps for use within the University of Adelaide Library.

Maps can be made available within 1 working day at any branch of the University of Adelaide Library.

How can I identify what's in the collection?

All maps in the Store collection can be found in Library Search. Records for these maps include the addition of [cartographic material] after their title and at least one subject heading which includes the term Maps. All include the cartographer or cartographic agency and series. Many have special feature notes and most include scale and projection.

Records for sets of less than 20 sheets include a contents list of each sheet title. Sets larger than 20 have a digitised index sheet attached to the catalogue record by its web address to assist browsing for the required map(s) - see for example Belgium & N. E. France 1:100,000.