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> Computer Science: Databases

Journal Holdings in Australia

If you are not able to find the journal in this Library, you may want to see which other Libraries in Australia hold the title.

InterLibrary Loan

If you are not able to find an article in the Library you may want to consider getting an InterLibrary Loan. Use the Inter Library Loan link in Library Search to request.

Journal Tables of Contents

Bibliographic Software

The following softwares will help you organise the references you considered useful for your research. The Library only supports EndNote.

Locating articles for computer science research

ACM Digital Library is the main database for computer science. Web of Science and Scopus are also very useful. 

Other Databases

The following databases may be useful to find other articles when you have already searched in the Core Databases listed above.

Preprints, self archiving, etc.

Electronic Journals

The Library holds the full text of most of the electronic journals provided by the following publisher: