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Earth Sciences: Databases

Resources for Geology and Geophysics

Journal title abbreviations

Not sure what Q. J. Eng. Geol. Hydroge. stands for? Try one of these websites:



There are many different databases relevant to geology and geophysics, some will be more useful than others, depending on your topic.

Newspapers & News

Major Journal Collections

Tip! Keep in mind that you're only searching for the articles published in one particular publisher's range of journals. Always use in combination with the major databases.

Why so many databases?

There are hundreds of different databases that you can use, and you need to select the right databases to search to find journal articles and other materials that match the topic that you're researching.

Databases vary between subject coverage (e.g. one may specialise in aquatic biology while another is useful for animal behaviour), the types of materials covered (journal articles, reports, conference proceedings etc), and the years that they include.

Some times you'll find searching the smaller, specialised databases far more useful than the big general databases, but it all depends on what you're looking for.

For advice with choosing databases for your topic ask at the Research Help Desk, or contact your Research Librarian.