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This page is designed to support the History teaching and research interests of the School of History and Politics at the University of Adelaide by providing guides to print and electronic resources.

Who are these guides for?

This is a gateway to resource guides for students and researchers in the Department of History at the University of Adelaide.
Some databases and electronic resources will work only with authentication.


There are libguides for:

This year's History courses
(In the column to the right)

Art History

 Australian History, including SA

 Aboriginal/Indigenous History

 Food Studies

Year 12 students should also look at the specific topic guides.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need more help.

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Resources beyond the BSL

Need more access or not connected to the University of Adelaide?

 The State Library of South Australia also offers home access to selected databases .

You can also register with the National Library of Australia for access to their licensed e-resources.

This year's courses


Semester 1

HIST 1108  Empires in world history

HIST 2058  Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide in world history

HIST 2083 Colonial Australia please use the resource guide for Australian History,
especially the tab for Colonial period and Settlement under the topics tab.

HIST 2091  Thinking About Emotion in Historical Perspective

HIST 3037  Early Modern  Europe

HIST 3038  Aftermath: Aborigines in 20th century Australia
Please use the guide for
Aboriginal/Indigenous History - Colonial Australia to the present

HIST 3057  Memory Wars in contemporary global conflict

Semester 2

HIST 1109 Revolutions that changed the world

HIST 2053  Medieval Europe

HIST 2080  Contested Ground: Aborigines in Colonial Australia. 
Please use the guide for Aboriginal/Indigenous History - Colonial Australia to the present

HIST 2090  Violence in the modern western world

HIST 2092  History of crime and punishment in England and Europe

HIST 3039 Human trafficking: Atlantic trade to contemporary

HIST 2089 History of Science Technology and Medicine



Honours History


Honours History Common Course


Art History

Graduate program in Curatorial and Museum Studies

Food Studies


Masters and PhD in History

Specialised resources are listed under the Masters and PhD tab

and students should also find a specific libguide for their topic as well.

Subject Guide

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