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Library services for PIRSA and SARDI staff: Databases

This is a guide to Library services and information resources for PIRSA and SARDI staff.

About electronic databases

A number of databases have been licensed for remote access by PIRSA and SARDI staff who are registered users of the University of Adelaide Library.  See the links listed on this page.

NOTE: The majority of electronic resources available from the Library are governed by license agreements which allow access only for the purposes of non-commercial research, education or personal use. 

You can also search for the database title from the Library Search 
You will be asked to enter your User ID (Library barcode) and Password (family name or last name). Availability for remote PIRSA/SARDI access to the resource will be indicated.

The A-Z list of databases 
is the complete list of databases available to the University of Adelaide community.  Most of these can be accessed from public computers located in all the University of Adelaide Libraries.

Google Scholar

Important Tip: If you are a user of Google Scholar, you should customise Scholar settings in order to access resources provided by the Library. (Google policies mean that we cannot reliably link to Scholar through our EZproxy service.)

Here's how you do this:Customise Google Scholar settings

Tutorials on database searching

Key databases

Other databases