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Library services for PIRSA and SARDI staff: Journals

This is a guide to Library services and information resources for PIRSA and SARDI staff.

Finding a journal

The full text of a large number of electronic journals and books are available via the Library Search. Due to site licence conditions, not all electronic journals are available to staff of PIRSA/SARDI.

In Library Search, enter the journal title and select the Journals limit and others as desired, using the drop-down boxes. 

The journal you are searching for should be close to the top of the list of results. Click on the title for access if electronic. Alternatively, click on Get full text to see the date ranges available.

You will be asked to enter your User ID (Library barcode) and Password (family name or last name). Availability for remote PIRSA/SARDI access to the resource will be indicated.

If the journal is in print, view Locations & Requests. Check to see if the Library holds the volume and year you are looking for.

Tip: if you know the journal is electronic, you can check the eJournals A-Z list on the top right of the Search results or New search page.

Please note: the Library does not hold all journals. Sometimes it does not hold all issues of a journal.

Tip: You can use the interlibrary loan service to obtain articles not held by the Library.

Journal impact factors and citation analysis

Journal abbreviations and lists of journals