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Research support: Who's citing your book?

Services and resources provided by the Library to help at all stages of the research cycle.


Limit your search results to Book and Book Chapter, and view the Cited By column, or sort by Cited By to see the highest citations. The metrics only measure citations within the Scopus database.

Other Book Metrics

Google Scholar and PsycInfo also provide book metrics.

Web of Science produces a Book Citation Index but the the Library does not subscribe to this product.

Springer Bookmetrix

Springer is the first publisher to offer title and chapter level metrics across all of their books. Bookmetrix covers mentions, downloads, reviews and read online.

Publish or Perish

As an alternative to Web of Science, Publish or Perish is a software program that uses Google Scholar to retrieve and analyze academic citations.

POP is particularly useful for papers, books and conferences not cited in Web of Science. It  presents the following statistics:

  • total number of papers
  • total number of citations
  • average number of citations per paper/book
  • average number of citations per author
  • the h-index
  • and other metrics