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Australian Policies and Codes

Why manage research data?

The appropriate management of research data means that you and others can easily find and access data when and where you need it.

This guide will help you to determine your research data management needs and create a data management plan. It includes guidelines on managing your data, from storage and access to metadata. It also includes information about keeping a record of your data, and sharing data so that it is appropriately managed even when your project is complete.

UofA Data management plan template

  • Researchers - Attach your Data Management Plan in PDF format to the Research Funding Acceptance Form (RFA) in Research Master
  • Research students - DMPS are only required if you commenced your research canditature in January 2016 or later. Send your Data Management Plan in PDF format to the Graduate Centre along with your Research Proposal at the six-month stage, and send your final plan to the Graduate Centre at the end of your candidature

If you have questions, discuss with your supervisor or colleagues, check the other pages in this guide or complete the online course Managing your Research Data.

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Managing your Research Data Course

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Managing your Research Data

Managing your Research Data is a comprehensive online course to help you with preparing, organising, analysing, keeping and sharing your digital research data . The module is designed primarily for research students, and parts will also be useful for research supervisors and researchers new to the University.  

The course attracts 2 CaRST points once HDRs complete it and upload a Data Management Worksheet. The worksheet forms the basis of your Data Management Plan which is due at 6 months and at completion of your candidature. You can enrol directly or via the CaRST website.

You can also book into a face to face session called Preparing Your Research Data Management Plan if you would like further help in completing your Plan. Prerequisite: Completion of the online module and uploading of the worksheet.

University of Adelaide Policies

The policy mirrors the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

The main points are

  • All research data and primary materials now need to be stored in a University-approved, accessible, secure and identified location
  • The final data relating to a scholarly output must be deposited in an appropriate data-store, with the data location recorded in the University metadata store -
  • Final data must be made freely available under Creative Commons licence CC-BY, unless there is a reason not to do this, eg patient confidentiality
  • Data Management Plans are required for all externally and internally funded research
  • Data Management Plans for external research will be stored in an online portal (not yet available)
  • all Higher Degree by Research students will submit Data Management Plans at 6 months, and on final thesis submisson

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