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Research Data Management: Create a plan

UofA Data management plan template

New: From November 2016, Research Branch has advised successful ARC grant recipients that they will need to attach a Data Management Plan to the Research Funding Acceptance (RFA) e-form in Research Master. This will count as having submitted the form.

“Effective 1 January, 2016, the University's Research Data and Primary Materials Policy requires generation of a Data Management Plan for all internally and externally funded research. The data management plan needs to be prepared by the first-named University of Adelaide researcher and stored in compliance with the University Records Policy (for information and template, see The policy states that the University will not release funds unless a data management plan is submitted to the University web portal. However this is not yet in place so completed Data Management Plans should be attached to the Research Funding Acceptance (RFA) eForm” - Research Branch

The Data Management Plan Template above is available for you to download and fill out. From August 2016, this form is compulsory for Higher Degree by Research students. HDR students need to submit a Data Management Plan at the six-month point and at the end of your canditature. At the six-month point will not have all the answers, especially in Sections 8 and 9. 

Staff are also very welcome to use the template. This version is not currently mandated for staff.

If you are unsure about your answers to the questions, discuss with your supervisor or colleagues, check the other pages in this guide or view the slides from the University Libraries/CaRST session, Introduction to Managing your Research Data.

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Why should I create a data management plan?

The University's Research Data and Primary Materials Policy requires staff with external or internal funding to create Data Management Plans, and where the funding is external, to lodge the plan in the University's online Data Management Plan portal (not yet developed). 

Higher Degree by Research students must submit a Research Data Management Plan at 6 months, and on final thesis submission.

A data management plan allows you to document your strategy for managing your research data. It reflects your data management decisions and can also be used to record questions and items for action. It's a living document and can be updated as your project develops and your data management strategy is refined.

If you are working in a team, a data management plan can be used to document individual responsibilities and make sure everyone has a shared understanding. It is also a useful document for reporting to funding bodies.

Creating a data management plan can help you better prepare for your research at the beginning of a project, but it's never too late in the research lifecycle to document a plan.

Other data management plans

There are many different formats for a data management plan. It may be useful to look at the following different examples.

Research Data Mngt Plans

File stack

Preparing Your Research Data Management Plan

Click here for details of introductory workshops and lectures.

Agreement to publish

Are you generating research data in collaboration with others?

If you plan to publish your research data, for example by depositing the data in a public repository, you will need to ensure that have agreement from your collaborators to do so.

The document below is a sample letter template that can be used to outline plans and obtain agreement from collaborators to publish data. It is a generic letter that may not be suitable for all situations. The document can be downloaded and adapted to your specific situation as required.

Tools and resources

In addition to the template above, you may find these online tools useful for creating a data management plan.