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Library Search Guide: Search results

A guide to assist users with using the Library Search interface.

Refining your results

Narrow down or refine your results list by using the facets in the side-bar or across the top of the reuslts list.

Tip: You can limit your results to articles from peer reviewed journals, to full text items, or to print items currently on the shelf in the Library by clicking on any of the three links above your search results.

Facets in the side-bar can also be used to narrow results.

Tip: You can click on one facet to narrow down results, or select the More options, if available, to include or exclude more than one option.



Library Search will group together different versions of a title. To view all of the versions, click on the title, or the View all versions button to the right of the record.

In this example, there are 6 versions available.

Tip: Choose how you would like the versions to be sorted by selecting from the Sorted by drop-down box to the right of the records.

Please note - Although Library Search attempts to group all versions of a particular work together, it does not always gather together every single version, particularly where one edition has a slightly different sub-title. Any versions which do not group together will appear as separate items in your list of search results.

Requesting a book

You may wish to request a book because

  • you want to recall a book already on loan
  • the book you need is at another campus or in storage
  • you would like to use the Library's on-shelf retrieval service


To request a book, first Sign in at the top right of the results page (see Signing in for more information). Then, select the Locations & Requests tab to view all copies.

Click on the Request link to request an item.

Sending results to yourself

You can capture your search results by using any of the Actions options available from the right hand side of the page. First, select any of the tabs underneath a reference, such as Get fulltext, Locations & Requests or Details. 

Popular options include Add to e-Shelf, E-mail, Print and EndNote Client.

You can also add items to your e-Shelf by clicking on the star next to the title of the item.

Then select the e-Shelf from the top right of the screen, and send the references to yourself. See Using e-Shelf for more information.