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Learning & Teaching Support: Library research skills programs

The Library provides a range of services, resources and programs to support teaching and learning at the University of Adelaide.

Digital Literacies

We directly support the university's Digital Literacies program with services and resources.

RSD / MELT Framework

The Research Skill Development (RSD) Framework was developed at the University of Adelaide.

Library staff welcome the opportunity to work with academic staff and learning advisors to embed skills development within the curriculum using the conceptual RSD framework.

For more information and to get involved, see the RSD contacts page.

Research skills programs

Research skills ('information literacy') includes effective searching, critical evaluation and information management.

Ideally, library and digital research skills should be embedded into and across the curriculum. Your Research or Branch Librarian can:

  • work with teaching staff and course coordinators to embed library research skills into content and assessment tasks
  • design and deliver discipline-specific lectures, tutorials and workshops within your courses and units to facilitate information concepts and skills in your subject

Contact your research or branch librarian to develop a program that will meet the research skills needs of your students and to embed these skills in the curriculum to achieve University of Adelaide graduate attributes.