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Where to Publish: choosing a journal: Home

Top 10 considerations

  1. Is this journal genuinely peer reviewed?
  2. Is this journal read by your target audience?
  3. Does the journal include your subject area?
  4. Does it publish the appropriate type of article?
  5. Does the journal have high impact?
  6. Is the journal searchable in databases?
  7. What are the word limit and structural requirements?
  8. What is the turnaround time for acceptance?
  9. Are there publication charges?
  10. Have you considered Open Access journal publication?

Practical tips

  • Look at well known scholars and colleagues in the field and see where they are publishing
  •  Look at your bibliography. Which journals are listed there? If the area is suitable, you could consider publishing in these journals
  • To get a publishing record, co-author a paper with a recognised researcher in the subject area
  • Set up journal contents alerts for journals you are considering submitting a paper to


This guide will help you to decide where to submit your journal articles for publication.

Where to Publish: experts' views

This short video is about the most important things to consider when deciding where to submit an article manuscript. The video is particularly useful for those in STEM disciplines but also applies to other areas.

Professor Mark Hutchinson is  from the School of Medicine at the University of Adelaide and is the Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics.

This short video is about how higher degree research students in the arts should find quality journals for submitting article manuscripts. Professor Ankeny's video is also useful for those in other subject areas.

Rachel Ankeny, Professor is from the School of Humanities in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Adelaide. 


Contact your liaison librarian for publications support in specific subject areas.

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