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Where to Publish: choosing a journal: Find peer-reviewed journals



Finding a Particular Journal
To see whether a journal is peer reviewed, enter the full journal title or part of the full journal title in the search box.
Look for Quarterly Journal of Economics
Click on the magnifying glass icon to search.

Journals that are peer reviewed have an icon depicting a USA sports referee’s shirt.

Remember to check that the journal is still actively publishing by looking in the Status column.

Click on the link to a potential journal.

Scroll down to see more detail including whether this journal is indexed.

Scroll down a little further to find which services index this title by clicking on the Abstracting & Indexing link.

High quality journals will usually be included in several indexing and abstracting services.
Make sure the journal is covered by the important indexing and abstracting databases in the field.
Most of these services will not index predatory publications.


Finding Journals By Subject
Remove any text in the search box and then click on Advanced Search.

Search for appropriate subject terms in the titles of journals and in subject keywords.

You can type a truncated term in the title search box.

Click on the Add Term link.

A second search box will appear.
Use the dropdown menu next to Title to find Subject (keyword).

Enter an appropriate keyword or keywords.
Then make sure that you change Match Search Terms from All to Any otherwise your terms will have to appear, as you typed them, in both the title and the subject.

Scroll down and select limits that will help you.
I suggest that you usually want to find Active, Journals, that are Academic and sometimes those that publish articles in English.

Click on Search.

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Serials Directory

Serials Directory

Finding a Particular Journal
Type in the name of the journal in the search box, for example: American Journal of Political Science.
If you are sure of the journal title you can enclose it in double quotes.
Click on Search.

If the journal is included in The Serials Directory it should turn up in a list of titles.
Click on the linked journal title.

Scroll down to find a list of indexing & abstracting databases, and whether the title is peer reviewed.


Scroll down further to find whether the journal is peer reviewed.


Serials Directory

Finding Journals by Subject
In the search box, you can enter just about anything that’s likely to turn up as a subject term, or in a journal title. You can use truncation.

Scroll down to see search options including limiting to peer reviewed titles.

Don't select Academic/Scholarly publication, or Active titles.

Click on Search or press Enter/Return.

Click on any title of interest to look at more details including where the journal is indexed.
Quality journals will usually be indexed in several indexing services. Most indexing services don’t include predatory journals, but you still need to check the journal website for yourself.


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