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Where to Publish: choosing a journal: Journal quality

Journal quality lists

2018 ERA Journals List

This is a currently unranked list of journals
2018 ERA Journals List
The list is UofA password protected
Quoting from the Australian Research Council

This is the list of journals that "...will define the journals that are eligible for institutions’ ERA 2018 submissions" ... "scholarly, peer reviewed journals that publish original research and were active during the ERA 2018 reference period for research outputs (1 January 2011–31 December 2016)."

The Faculty of Arts 

Research Quality Indicator List for scholarly journals and publishers on the Faculty intranet.
Username and password access for those in the faculty.

ABDC Journal Quality List

In 2007, ABDC (Australian Business Deans Council) established an ABDC Journal Quality List for use by its member business schools. The aim of this initial list was to overcome the regional and discipline bias of international lists. An independent chair and discipline-specific panels reviewed the ABDC Journal Quality List in 2009 and 2013. The ABDC Journal Quality List 2017 comprises 2,773 different journal titles, divided into four categories of quality,

Here is the link to the ABDC Journal Quality List 27th April 2017


Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
Journal Ranking in Economics and Management

Categorization of Journals in Economics and Management
updated on


Chartered Association of Business Schools Academic Journal Guide

Chartered Association of Business Schools Academic Journal Guide 2015

This site requires registration, but it's free.
This guide is based on metrics plus the qualitative views of academics.
The methodology employed in producing the guide


Financial Times Research Rank Top 50 Journals

FT Research Rank
Latest update May 2016


Fondation National pour l'Enseignement de la Cestion des Entreprises

A list of ranked journals published by The French National Foundation for Teaching Business Management


Harzing Journal Quality List

This list is compiled from several listing of business journals.
It isn't especially up to date but covers many journals.

Information about the list and the list is available here.
Compiled by Prof Anne-Wil Harzing


SJR (ScImago Journal Rank)

Business, Management and Accounting List


Verband der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft  (VHB) journal list
German Academic Association for Business Research

About VHB

The VHB is a ranked list of journals

The results can be subdivided as follows:

  • 22 outstanding and leading international academic business research journals (A+ = 3.4%),
  • 72 leading academic business research journals (A = 11.1%),
  • 217 important and renowned business research journals (B = 33.3%),
  • 273 recognised academic business research journals (C = 41.9%)
  • 59 academic business research journals (D = 9.1%).

The complete journal list


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