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Library Services for Year 11/12 Students: Home

This guide provides information for access to the Barr Smith Library by year 11 and 12 school students.

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The University of Adelaide Library provides access to resources to support teaching, learning and research at a tertiary (university) level.

Year 12 students

During Year 12 many students discover that they need access to a level of material that school libraries and public libraries don't always hold. Although members of the public can generally use the University of Adelaide Library, there are added benefits for students whose schools sign up for the Library's Year 12 Programme.

Schools can book to bring in a group of students to the Barr Smith Library on the North Terrace Campus for an orientation session on searching for Library resources and a tour of the Library. There is the option to apply for borrowing cards for students.

Participating Year 12 students will be provided with borrowing privileges and remote access to 2 online databases. Borrowing can only be organised through the school.

For more information see Borrowing by yr 12s in this guide.

Year 11 students

Schools can book to bring  year 11 students for an information session and a  tour of the Barr Smith Library - however borrowing will not be possible.

There is a separate scheme for University Senior College and University of Adelaide College students.


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