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Article Processing Charges at the University of Adelaide

The Library is undertaking an audit of university-wide expenditure on Article Processing Charges (APCs). Published outputs of publicly funded research are often required to be made available on open access. While the University Library maintains a “green” open access repository for this purpose, many researchers opt to pay commercial publishers an APC for “gold” open access to meet this requirement. The audit aims to identify the extent of this practice across the University.

If you have paid an APC in the last two years please provide the following:

  • Name of journal
  • Amount paid
  • Source of funding, e.g. research grant, Faculty or School etc.

Information can be emailed to

Frequently asked questions

What are APCs?

Article processing charges (APCs) are fees which publishers can charge authors before publishing their work. In return these articles are made available free online for anyone to access. APCs may be paid by the authors, their institutions or funding body. 

What is Gold Open Access?

Gold open access is where the published version of the article is made available free online at the time of publication for anyone to access via the journal website. This can be through publishing in an open access journal where the full content of the journal is available open access, or through a hybrid journal where individual articles may be available open access and the other content via subscription. There are various business models for these publications but some open access journals and all hybrid journals charge a APC.

What is Green Open Access?

Green open access allows for free online access to a version of the article via a repository without the need to pay an APC. This can be through deposit to an institutional repository such as the University's Adelaide Research & Scholarship, or a subject-based repository such as arXiv and PubMed Central. In most cases the version made available will be the author's accepted manuscript, i.e. the version which has undergone revisions from peer review but without the publisher's formatting. It is also common for an embargo period to be imposed by the publisher before the version is available open access. 

Why is the Library collecting this information?

Both the NHMRC and ARC mandate that the published output of publicly funded research is made available on open access. The Library maintains Adelaide Research & Scholarship, the University's green open access institutional repository for this purpose. However we don't know how much money is being spent across the institution on APCs for gold open access. 

What will the Library do with the information?

It will be used to assist researchers to meet open access requirements, inform the Library in negotiations with suppliers of electronic content, and help with the development of an open access policy.

Time frame to provide the information?

We are collecting information up until 30 April 2018.


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For queries please contact:

Anne Hawkins | Coordinator, Copyright and Open Access | 8301 3706