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Referencing Styles & Academic Writing: Mendeley

Why Mendeley?

Mendeley is a free online referencing system that you can use on the web and on your desktop. You can create your own fully-searchable reference library, cite as you write and read and annotate your PDFs. It also functions as an academic social network; you can create your own researcher profile.

The 5 -minute video (right) will give you a good overview of Mendeley's functions.

Unlike EndNote, Mendeley is not supported by the university. This guide will give you some initial help, and refer you to help resources online.

Steps to access Mendeley

  1. Create a free account at
  2. Install Mendeley Desktop - this gives you access to a Mendeley library and profile
  3. Install Mendeley Web Importer on your web browser - this allows you to import references from databases, Library Search, Google Scholar etc. (You can also import PDF files by dragging and dropping them into the library).
  4. Check your Mendeley library Citation Style (View - Citation Style: list of available styles)
  5. Install the Mendeley Citation Plug-in so that you can 'cite while you write' with MS Word.
  6. Learn how to use Mendeley with iOS or Android devices
  7. Use the Mendeley Help Guides

Detailed Help Guides

Mendeley Help Guides (right) are the quickest and most useful sources of help. These detailed guides are helpful if you have plenty of time to use Mendeley.

Getting started with Mendeley (5 min. video)

Mendeley Help Guides

Reference manager comparison guides