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Adelaide Research & Scholarship

The University of Adelaide's institutional digital repository

About Adelaide Research & Scholarship

What is Adelaide Research & Scholarship?

Adelaide Research & Scholarship provides a platform for the collection, organisation, access, annotation and preservation of scholarly information in digital formats, as well as digital management of information in physical formats. Its primary focus is on the scholarly output of members of this University, and items of interest to those members (for example the rich resources of Special Collections).


OK. What we're trying to do is collect together, in one place, the research produced by members of the University of Adelaide. This is an example of what is known as an "Institutional Repository".

What are the benefits of Adelaide Research & Scholarship?

By collecting the scholarly output of the University into a single online space, we hope to achieve several benefits :
  • we'll know where to find all this research;
  • we'll know that it is safely backed up;
  • we'll have some hope of preserving it in the future, when file formats become obsolete;

In addition, because Adelaide Research & Scholarship is indexed by Google and other search engines :
  • other people will be able to find the research too, using Google (etc.)

Because other researchers can find our research, they
  • will not waste time and money duplicating the research;
  • will be able to build on our research;
  • will be able to cite our research;

All of which :
  • increases exposure to the world of our research activities;
  • enhances the reputation of the University by making our research more widely accessible and visible;
  • boosts the potential impact of our research;
  • leads to increased citation of our research.

In addition, Adelaide Research & Scholarship :
  • allows for feedback to researchers on their work;
  • provides a mechanism for generating author bibliographies;
  • assists with reporting and auditing requirements (DEST, etc.).

How is Adelaide Research & Scholarship organised?

Content is organised into collections and communities.

What is a Community?

Communities are just a way of grouping together collections of items in a way that makes sense. Typically, they are based around Schools and Disciplines, or research Centres, but may encompass other logical groupings. A community may contain one or more collections, and may also contain zero or more sub-communities, thus allowing a hierarchical organisation.

What is a Collection?

A collection is a grouping of items that are similar in one or more ways. For example, all the published articles for a School or discipline.

What is an Item?

Items are the basic archival elements of Adelaide Research & Scholarship. Each item is owned by one collection, but may appear in other collections.
An item comprises the actual document (which may consist of one or more files, or bitstreams) plus the associated descriptive metadata.

What kinds of document can be included in Adelaide Research & Scholarship?

We will accept any document of scholarly value created by members of the University academic community. This includes "published" materials such as:
  • journal articles
  • book chapters
  • books
  • working papers
  • technical reports
  • conference papers

as well as other research materials that are not generally included in print publications, for example :
  • data sets
  • audio files
  • image files
  • software

We have some general guidelines to help determine if a work is appropriate :
  • The work should be of a scholarly nature.
  • The work must be created or sponsored by affiliated faculty or staff, or by academic or research units.
  • The work should be completed and ready for distribution.

In addition, previously published items should have clearance from the copyright owner for inclusion in an institutional repository. This is covered in more detail in the section on Copyright and Publication.
Each Community may set its own policies regarding the specific content and submission processes for that Community.

Who can add content to Adelaide Research & Scholarship?

Any member of the academic staff of the University of Adelaide, or affiliated bodies, or anyone undertaking research at the University, is welcome to add their scholarly content to Adelaide Research & Scholarship. See the next section for how to get involved.
Library staff will also be adding content.

Who can view content in Adelaide Research & Scholarship?

As a matter of principle, Adelaide Research & Scholarship is an open access repository, meaning that anyone with access to the Internet may access, view and download content.
It is possible to restrict access to some content if required, for example for an embargo period. Talk to the Digital Services team if you require more information on access restriction.

I see lots of journal articles listed, but where is the content?

Right now, we have "seeded" Adelaide Research & Scholarship with "metadata" -- bibliographic information -- derived from data already collected for Research Master. This is useful in providing bibliographies of research carried out by members of the University. We have included on each record a link to external sources of journal articles, which will provide links to full text where we have a subscription to the relevant journal.
It is our hope that we will in the future be able to add content using preprint or postprints provided by authors. If you are willing to assist by providing copies of your published research, please contact the Digital Services team.