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Guidance on using EndNote software at the University of Adelaide

EndNote Troubleshooting

When you encounter an issue with your EndNote Library, it can be useful to ask yourself questions to get a better idea of what the problem may be. If you contact the University Library with a question about an issue with your EndNote Library, you can also expect us to ask you these kinds of questions as they help with narrowing down the potential cause of the issue/s you are experiencing.

  • What version of EndNote are you using (Endnote X9, 20, 21, desktop or online)?
  • Have you backed up your EndNote Library recently?
  • What operating system are you using to access EndNote (Windows or Mac)?
  • Are you accessing EndNote on a personal device (PC, laptop, tablet) or a university computer (PC, laptop, tablet - purchased or leased)?
  • Where is your EndNote Library saved (Hard drive, network drive etc.)?
  • Are you using more than one EndNote Library?
  • Have you set up an EndNote Online account (for syncing/sharing)?
  • Have you recently updated your computer software or operating system?
  • Have you received any error messages? If so, can you record what they say?
  • Have you tried troubleshooting steps such as restarting EndNote or your device?
  • For issues with EndNote's Cite While You Write Function, is the issue occurring with a specific document or with all documents using EndNote?
Clarivate Self-Help Resources

Clarivate are the owners and operators of EndNote. You can check if other people have experienced the same issue and reached a resolution by looking at Clarivate's EndNote FAQs or their Community EndNote troubleshooting forum: