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Theses: University of Adelaide Theses

A guide to finding Australian and international theses

Digital theses - open access

Recent UofA theses


Theses in the Library

The Library receives a print and an electronic copy of all University of Adelaide Research Masters and PhD theses. The print copy is usually held in the Joint Store (URRSA). Check the location in Library Search, and Request the item to have it brought to your campus.

Digitised theses are available through Library Search or the University's digital repository, Adelaide Research and Scholarship. Research theses have been digitised from 2007 onwards. There is also a Library project to digitise research theses received before 2007. See Digital theses at the University of Adelaide.

Honours theses

The Library does not usually receive copies of University of Adelaide Honours theses. If the specific thesis you are looking for is not held in the Library then check with the relevant School for that discipline. Honours theses may be kept in the School, although there is no requirement to do so.

The School of Physical Sciences is trialling the digitisation of Earth Sciences Honours theses, with more than 200 theses now available, from 1940 onwards.

Embargoed University of Adelaide theses

Embargoed theses are held in Special Collections - as indicated in the entry for the thesis in Library Search (see embargo note under Locations & Requests) - and are not available to anyone.

The only exception to this rule is if the person wishing to access an embargoed thesis has a letter of permission from the author and authorisation from the Special Collections Librarian.

Embargoes on theses are managed by the Adelaide Graduate Centre, not the Library.

All questions regarding embargoed theses should be directed to the Adelaide Graduate Centre.

Adelaide Graduate Centre: telephone +61 8 8313 5882    Fax +61 8 8313 5725

Library Search

Theses in Library Search

Theses digitised by the Library as well as print copies are searchable via Library Search.

To search for theses on a particular subject, include thesis and adelaide as keywords. For example, to find geography theses you could try adelaide thesis geograph*.

To locate a specific thesis degree try adding the level, eg hons (honours), as a keyword. For example, adelaide thesis english hons

Find an example of a PhD thesis by publication by entering thesis adelaide by publication.

Contact the Library or your research librarian for assistance.