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Music resources

How to find music resources in the library

Tips for finding scores and sound recordings in library search

  • Use any unique number or name wherever possible (e.g., mozart 331 will find scores and recordings of Mozart's piano sonata in A K331)
  • To find a recording with a particular performer or conductor, add the last name to the search (e.g., mozart 331 brendel)
  • Searching by genre (sonata, concerto etc.) can also be helpful if you don't know a unique number
  • Remember that many music titles are not in English, and are often known by a number of names:

- Mozart Zauberflöte / Mozart Magic Flute

- Stravinsky Firebird / Stravinskii Feuervogel / Strawinsky L'Oiseau de Feu

  • If your search isn't successful try again with different keywords or a broader search.