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Peer-reviewed articles

How to find peer-reviewed articles in Library Search and databases

Finding peer review articles in Library Search

Library Search is a good tool for finding peer-reviewed articles because you can limit your search results to only show peer-reviewed. If you're not sure how to do this, the short video below will demonstrate.

YouTube: Library Bite - Searching for peer-reviewed articles in Library Search (0:44)

Finding peer review articles in databases

Many databases allow you to limit your search to peer-reviewed articles. Check the filters or limiters on your search screen for a peer-review only option. For example, ProQuest Central provides the option on its basic and advanced search screens to narrow down to peer-reviewed content only:


If you find a journal article outside of Library Search (e.g., through Google Search) and want to confirm if it is peer-reviewed, you can search the journal's website which should have webpages specifically for author information with instructions for submissions. This will tell you if the journal has a peer-review process in place. Some article PDFs may also include information about the peer review process, such as a date of submission for peer review and acceptance.