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Streaming media

Find and use streaming movies, videos and music in your teaching and study

Introduction to streaming movies and videos

The University Library provides access to several databases that host streaming movies and videos. These can provide engaging teaching or study materials, and cover the whole academic sphere from archaeology to zoology. 

Our top databases for finding streaming movies and videos are:

Using streaming content in teaching is a great way to shake up a text-heavy course and engage students in their learning. Any media in courses should be relevant to the subject and should meet accessibility guidelines (a transcript and/or subtitles/captions should be available to students, for example).

See the below guides for basic support in embedding movies and videos from the University's subscriptions into your Canvas courses. For more general support in using MyUni, embedding YouTube videos and embedding content from your own device, see the Introduction to MyUni course or the MyUni Learning Centre:

Using streaming media in Course Readings

Cite It! is a browser bookmarklet that allows you to add items from the web to your reading list. You only need to add Cite It! to your browser once, but you will need to add it for each browser you use (e.g. Chrome and Firefox). See the Course Readings page and guides below for further information:

Copyright considerations

It is vitally important to consider copyright implications when providing access to media for your courses. Consult the following pages to determine what is allowed under Copyright law in your specific circumstances:

Most databases provide a basic citation for materials, however it is important to note that these are generally a standard format and will need to be updated to meet the University's citation guidelines.

Use the below guides for support to cite a streaming movie or video.