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Finding news and newspapers

A range of different news resources are available via the library - from newspapers (both current and historical) to streaming media.

Key resources to search to find news and newspaper articles:

Pathways for finding historical newspapers:

Tips for finding articles in newspapers post 1990

The library's newspapers are available in a variety of different formats: online, print and microfilm. To find out whether the library has access to a particular newspaper, search for the title of the newspaper in Library Search. Some newspapers may be available in more than one format, or in more than one online platform - always read the date range listed for each option to make sure the dates you need are covered.

  • Newspapers published since 1990 are likely to be available online via one of the newspaper databases listed in the key resources section above
  • Australian newspapers available in the library and published between 1955 and 1990 are often in microfilm format. 
  • Historical Australian newspapers published prior to 1955 may be available in Trove Historic Australian Newspapers (see link in key historical resources section above).