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Find my textbooks

Suggestions for how to find your textbook

There are a few ways you can find your required textbooks:

Check in the Course Readings tab in MyUni

  1. Open the relevant course in MyUni
  2. Open the Course Readings tab in the grey navigation menu
  3. If you have required texts they will appear in this list (often labeled 'required reading' or textbook)
  4. Check whether your textbook is available electronically or in print. If it's electronically available you can access it from any computer. If it's in print you can check where it is available and request it. 

Check in Course Outlines

  1. Search the Course Outlines for your course
  2. Check under the Learning Resources heading to see if your textbooks are listed here (under Required Resources)
  3. Identify your textbook then search for it in Library Search
  4. Find out how it is available via the library

If you've tried these options and you still can't find what you're looking for please contact the Ask Library staff or speak to your lecturer/tutor.

Print readers: if you would like to purchase a print reader please head to the online shop