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Clinical trials

Find information about current clinical trials and research efforts in the local area, statewide, and worldwide.

(clinical trial[pt] OR clinical trial*[all] OR phase trial*[all] OR phase 1 trial*[all] OR phase i trial*[all] OR phase 2 trial*[all] OR phase ii trial*[all] OR phase 3 trial*[all] OR phase iii trial*[all] OR phase 4 trial*[all] OR phase iv trial*[all] OR phase stud*[all] OR phase 1 stud*[all] OR phase i stud*[all] OR phase 2 stud*[all] OR phase ii stud*[all] OR phase 3 stud*[all] OR phase iii stud*[all] OR phase 4 stud*[all] OR phase iv stud*[all] OR multicenter study[pt] OR multicentre stud*[all] OR multicenter stud*[all] OR multicentre trial*[all] OR multicenter trial*[all] OR randomized controlled trial*[all] OR randomised controlled trial*[all] OR random allocation[mh] OR random allocation*[all] OR rct[all] OR rcts[all])

(‘clinical trial’/syn OR phase NEXT/11 trial* OR (multicentre OR multicenter) NEXT/11 (stud* OR trial*) OR ‘randomized controlled trial’/syn OR ‘randomised controlled’ NEXT/1 trial* OR random NEXT/1 allocation* OR rct*)

(TX phase n10 trial* OR (TX clinical OR TX multicent* OR TX “multi cent*”) n10 (procedure* OR trial*) OR (TX “randomised controlled” OR TX “randomized controlled”) n10 trial* OR TX “random allocation*” OR TX rct)

((phase or multicent$) adj10 (trial$ or stud$).mp. OR exp clinical trial/ OR clinical trial$.mp. OR randomized controlled trial$.mp. OR randomised controlled trial$.mp. OR random allocation$.mp. OR OR