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Law Reform & Government publications

Key resources

Key points - Government publications:

  • are non-legislative materials (not Acts, Regulations, Rules, etc)
  • are issued by Parliaments (including Parliamentary Committees), the executive, Government ministers and departments
  • are an important source of information as they give background and detail on many Government policies
  • frequently provide the basis for new legislation

Law Reform and Government publications

A Parliamentary Paper is any document which has been tabled in Parliament, ordered to be printed and made available to the public as a printed paper, and can include reports from various committees, annual reports for government departments and subordinated legislation. 

Parliamentary Papers Series (PPS):

  • a publication of Parliamentary materials
  • include documents of a substantial nature (eg. Parliamentary Committee reports and government enquiry reports)
  • not all documents presented to Parliament are included in the PPS
  • may be ordered to be included in papers when tabled in Parliament, or considered for inclusion later by the Publications Committee)

Pre-2002 papers are available in hard copy. To access these you can find them:

  • Commonwealth Parliamentary Papers – held in the Barr Smith Library
  • South Australian Parliamentary Papers – held in the Law Library, shelved in the Computer Suite

Papers from 2002 onwards are available online

Source: News Corp Australia