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Law Reform & Government publications

Key Law Reform publications

Law reform publications:

  • are published by the Australian Law Reform Commission or state commissions
  • are non-legislative materials (therefore, not Acts, Regulations, etc)
  • are an important source of information as they give the background and detail on many Government policies
  • frequently provide the basis for new legislation

Various types of information is published, including:

  • discussion papers
  • background papers
  • reports
  • journals

Law reform organisations:

  • are established under the Australian Law Reform Commission Act 1996 (Cth)
  • are created to review, develop and reform the law
  • conduct inquiries into areas of law at the request of the Attorney-General
  • are independent of the Government
  • inquiries include undertaking research, consultation and legal policy development
  • usually include some analysis of the law in comparative jurisdictions
  • make recommendations to the government so that the Government can make informed decisions about law reform

At present, all States and Territories of Australia have a Law Reform body, except the Australian Capital Territory.

(Source: Australian Law Reform Commission)