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Course readings

Stuck on how to find required and recommended readings? This will help.

Online access troubleshooting

I've clicked View Online but can't see the reading

  • Some readings link to a page like this:

  • Pdfs may not automatically display in some browsers so you will need to download the file using the button on the right side of the blue bar.

The link has taken me to a journal article or book but I can't access the full-text

  • Journal and ebook platforms are all different and some don't display the full-text automatically - you may need to look for a link to the full-text pdf.
  • If you still can't access the full-text or are asked to pay, please report the link as broken so the Library can investigate (see Broken Links below).

There is no View Online link

  • Not all readings are available online so you may need to read the physical copy in the Library.
  • If it should be available online but isn't, please mark the link as broken if the option is available (see Broken Links below), or contact Ask Library.
  • If you can't see any links for any of your readings, see Additional Help below

I've been asked to read a book chapter but the link has taken me to an ebook

  • Not all readings will link you directly to the chapter so you may need to use the ebook contents page to navigate.

I've tried to access an ebook but it is telling me all copies are in use

  • Some ebooks have restrictions on how many people can view it at the same time. See the ebook guide for more information.

I've clicked download but I still can't see the reading

  • If a pdf does not open automatically once you have downloaded it, check the downloads in your browser or the downloads folder on your computer.

Broken links

If a particular link is not working, click the title of the reading to see if there are additional links you can access.

Use the Mark link as broken option next to the link so we can investigate. If this option is not available, contact Ask Library.

Additional help

If you are experiencing other access issues you can first try:

  • using different browser such as Firefox and Chrome
  • or clearing your browser cookies/site data for the current session

If you are still having trouble, please contact Ask Library. If you have questions about the content of your reading list, please contact your lecturer/tutor.