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Course readings

Stuck on how to find required and recommended readings? This will help.

How can I export my reading list?

  • You can export individual readings, sections or a full reading list.
  • The bibliography can be exported into several different citation formats including APA, Chicago, Harvard or MLA and can be saved in various file formats including Word, PDF, Excel or a RIS file that you can import into EndNote.

To export your full reading list or section:

  • Open the reading list in Course Readings and click on the ... icon at the top of the list or section.
  • Select the Export drop down list format.
  • If prompted, select your desired Bibliography style.
  • Click Export. Your file will download.

How can I keep track of the readings I have read?

You can mark readings as read by clicking the checkmark next to the the title of the reading.

How can I find particular readings in my list?

  • Click the search icon at the top of the list then type in your search terms e.g. the title or author's name.
  • You can also use the Filter List option at the top of the list to filter by sections, tags, types or items you have/haven't marked as read.