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Course readings

Stuck on how to find required and recommended readings? This will help.

There are a couple of ways you can find required readings:

Click on Course Readings in MyUni

  1. Open the relevant course in MyUni
  2. Click on the Course Readings button on the left menu
  3. If you have required texts they will appear in this list (often labeled 'required reading' or textbook), or there may be links embedded in the rest of your course content.
  4. Most readings will be available online. Click "View online" to see your reading.
  5. For print readings, click on the title of the readings to view availability information.

Search for your readings using Library Search

  1. If you cannot find a link from MyUni, but have some information about the reading, you may search for it using Library Search.
  2. If you need help to do this, try our guide on how to use Library Search.

If you've tried these options and you still can't find what you're looking for please speak to your lecturer/tutor or contact the Ask Library staff.